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Apr 30, 2020

In this episode we'll jump to a critical point with the "down" challenge, that uses no food and instead focuses on the "say and show" method. It's not unlike the say and show version of sit; but some there are some angles and positions that are distinctly different.

There are two categories of people who may be the best for this type of training;

  • Non-food motivated dogs
  • People with dogs who give signs that they see these lessons as "optional"

The idea is that we teach this as a necessary part of functional obedience. It's also good to train their dogs this way to "overlap" the food-based approach.

I am also linking this to an excerpt I posted on YouTube from our video training series that provides a bit of a visual guidance for the lesson.


  • (07:58) Lara and Tim (and "Kona") from Arizona ask about requirements with puppies and food training
  • (10:11) Ellen asks (on behalf of "Duke") where you should be in a progression and types of treats

Quote on Resilience

Part of our Emergency Series includes a brief quote about resilience; this one comes from Jocko Willink, who has published two very interesting books;

Extreme Ownership

The Dichotomy of Leadership