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Nov 11, 2019

I love this heartwarming story! Today's episode features Beau Maxwell, owner of Love for Senior Paws. Her focus is on care and adoption for senior pets. Her love and dedication started with a cocker spaniel she rescued from a disreputable breeder. Since then, she's dedicated her life to rescue and adoption of senior dogs for all through her group.

She talks about the primary goal of Love for Senior Paws. Some of the areas of focus are;

  • Raising awareness about the needs of senior pets
  • Specific challenges related to their care that the organization faces
  • Foster care / adoption
  • Working with underfunded shelters
  • Providing assistance with medical care while they wait to be adopted
  • Incredible success stories and positives for adopting senior pets
  • Their focus on continuing support for families that take on these pets

We talk about what the first steps are for people who want to be involved. We also share some general stories about relationships with dogs, and contrast them with the unique elements that mature dogs bring (whether it's pain management, rules and obedience, family connection, etc.)

There are options for sponsoring animals (more details about becoming part of "the pack" here).

You can visit Beau's website as well at

Also, I'd like to thank our sponsor P.U.P. Dog Rescue, and talk about their featured dog! Cocoa is a 9-year-old Chihuahua - she's a black, brown, and white short haired Chihuahua that is very sweet and calm. For more information, click here