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Dec 8, 2019

If there's one consistent thing that owners put at the top of their list for behaviors it's to keep their dogs from jumping on their owners and other people. I will discuss options and how to create the right environment for it.

I'll also talk about the modes of communication, starting with postural and vocal methods and their place in this type of training. These are essential in understanding the communication between you and any dog and is important when assessing feedback.

I'll talk about a loose leash technique and what things you'll look before that happen before your dog tries to jump.

First, today's rescue pup is Maia! Thanks to P.U.P. dog rescue as always and to get more information about Maia, visit the website by clicking here.

By the way, for training sessions like this one I’d recommend going back and listening to episodes 2, 3 and 4, if you haven’t listened to those already. Those episodes give you foundational understandings of my relationship-based method and some of the theoretical constructs that I refer to in training episodes of the podcast.

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