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Dec 22, 2014

In this session of the podcast, I follow up on homework from session 4. We’ll answer a listener email about house breaking with puppies and then we go through a game plan to prepare your dog to be better behaved during parties. In this session: EMAIL BAG SECTION: Front [...]

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Dec 9, 2014

In this session of the podcast, I follow up on homework from session 3. I answer some email questions from listeners and teach you how to “redo” your dog’s “front door ritual”. ALSO: I switch gears a little bit in the second half of today’s show and talk about how to train younger puppies. [...]

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Nov 12, 2014

The Progression of Difficulty:

There are three things that make anything harder (or easier) for your dog;

  1. What you’re doing while your dog does a task: This is usually measured by how connected (or disconnected) to you. For example, on leash versus off leash.
  2. What’s going on around your dog while they do a task:...

Oct 8, 2014

In this podcast episode I discuss the start of training. In my “in -person” lessons we all start out at the same place. Whether someone just got a rescue dog a few weeks ago or whether they paid tens of thousands of dollars for a “fully trained” dog, we all start out assessing three things.

First, relationship,...

Aug 12, 2014

In this podcast, I go over what you can expect from our podcast on a weekly basis as well as who I am and where I’m coming from with regard to dog behavior and training. I give you some idea about how I got started in training (which is likely very similar to how you [...]

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