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Mar 25, 2020

In today's session I'll give you a few tips for creating some fun and interesting mental and physical exercises for your dog while "sheltering at home". 

I've also decided to outline the entire subject below and put in a few links for items that might be useful during these sessions;


Work on teaching fetching rules though (if you’re out at the park – be sure to use a long line on your dog to prevent any mishaps in social distancing rules and keep everyone safe.


Make sure you’re teaching some rules with this.

  1. Teach your dog that you start and end the game.
  2. Teach Drop it and stick a treat to your dog’s nose (after getting your dog to drop the ball where you want it with your food lure and work – you can get two identical toys and reward the dropping of ball one with the throwing of ball two. This is a great way to get your dog doing some wind sprints and tire them out completely.)
  3. Progression: Work obedience into your fetch – sit or down then say your release command and then immediately throw the ball or toy.



  1. Teach your dog that you start and end the game
  2. Teach your dog drop it in drive and;
  3. Teach them to come down out of drive by giving them a small break between bouts of tug

Toy Suggestion:

K9 Dog Bite Tug Toy with 2 Strong Handles (by Bull Fit)

  • Made of Durable & Tear-Resistant French Linen
  • Perfect for Tug of War, Fetch & Puppy Training
  • Ideal for Medium to Large Dogs - Firmly Stitched Pull Toy 

Flirt Pole

If your dog has a high "prey" drive and you have the room in your yard or house.  See if your dog likes the idea first, by attaching a toy to a string or line to see if your dog likes chasing it, before investing a bunch of time or money into getting or making one.


The same as the last two game’s goals.

Puppy Prey Drive Building Flirt Pole Tug Toy Redline K9 


or "DIY" it with an old broom handle or relatively sturdy piece of lighter wood (1x2 pine work pretty well), duct tape a handle and drill a hole in the top... run a light line through and tie a cloth tug toy to your line (depending on your dog’s tenacity). I’ve used old shoelaces strung together in a pinch for these DIY versions BOOT laces are better cuz they’re longer. 

Feeding toys and puzzles that I like

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

by StarMark

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, X-Small, Small, Medium and Large Sizes

by PetSafe

Caveat:  Don’t leave this with your dog as a “chew toy”.  They’re not really designed for that.  If you want something for their alone time.  I’d use a black rubber Kong (note: there are different sizes – Get one large enough that your dog can’t mistake it for something to swallow!)

Back Rubber Kong (Note: The black rubber is denser and more durable than the red rubber Kongs)


Super geeky reference for more info on the Roman poet Horace 😊