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Apr 22, 2020

In this episode we're going to jump into another obedience skills challenge. This one is focused on the 'down' command.

This is an important lesson for small puppies as they develop, and even rescue adult dogs in instances where they may not have received much training, or were last trained years ago when they were puppies themselves.


I answer an email from Rachael asking about her puppy and (based on her age), whether she should stick to just the introductory training or if she's ready to move to some of the more intermediate and advanced training. I'll talk about the three phases for training puppies to use as a general guide for your dog.

Enjoy the episode! I have included some links below as well for other sessions that may be related to this one.


Session 18: The overview of what to teach a puppy and when, and teaching two dogs to not go after each other’s fetch toys

Session 22: using an air sprayer to stop barking and stubborn puppy “downing”

SESSION 27: How to coach a new dog to play better with your existing dog and how to get a puppy out of crate calmly

Session 31: Preventing resource guarding in puppy raising and what to do about a dog’s mid-life crisis?

Session 32: What are the best chew toys for puppies? And, how to stop an older, larger puppy from

Session 44: Prevent Your Puppy from Chasing Your Kids

Session 57: Train your Puppy to get along with Baby better

Session 58: Fetch! – Teaching your Puppy the rules

And another quote/thought about resilience. I mentioned the author, Carol Dweck earlier in the episode, so I thought I'd quote her here. It's about the best thing you can teach your kids about resilience. Here's a link to her book. MINDSET, Carol Dweck.