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Mar 22, 2020

It's a strange time for sure in the midst of all of the COVID-19 concerns worldwide. I've received a lot of questions about their pets and I wanted to publish a few brief episodes to not only answer questions that I've received but to give you some fun things to do with your dog along the way while you're sheltered in place, or stuck at home. In this episode I'm primarily talking about the following;

  • Can my dog catch Coronavirus?
  • Risks associated with your pet being a "conduit"
  • What kind of exposure should I allow with my dog?
  • Can I take him/her for a walk?
  • Should I use any product to clean my dog's paws?

Some useful links to sites relevant to this episode

CDC page

Description of sheltering in place with CNN

USA Today

U of Illinois and Urbana pet care

Thanks for listening and stay safe! I'll give you more tomorrow.