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Jun 3, 2020

First, I hope that everyone has stayed safe and healthy through what may have been the worst of the stay-at-home orders that you may have been subject to. We went through a sort of "emergency sessions" period where the podcast episodes focused on specific things to do with your dog - and as a result we put some of the interviews we had scheduled on hold. Today is the first episode of one of those interviews.

What Is Contrast Training?

I sat down with Ruth Elliott and talked about a very unique type of training. Ruth is based in Australia, and got into her unique style of training, how she got started, and some of the interesting restrictions to training methods that exist in Australia.

Ruth is a greyhound specialist (although she trains all types of dogs). Her business is called Formal Dogs, and she trains and escorts people's dogs to attend their owner's weddings! This is the first I've heard of this and think you'll appreciate her story and her methods as a trainer.

We discuss some of the differences in our training style and talk about some of the fundamental teachings in training.

Email Bag

Amelia in Atlanta, Georgia asks about her dog "Beau" and the fact that he is experiencing a bit of stress her departure when going back to work that he didn't exhibit before. It's a great question, and I'll talk about some transitional elements to use when going from the shelter in place environment to going back to work.

Other Questions

I also answer some questions about P.U.P. Dog Rescue, why they haven't been mentioned on some of the emergency sessions, and when that will be starting up again.

Oh, and if you want to see a cool video, check out this slow motion video of a greyhound running.