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Oct 9, 2019

On today's show I answer a two commonly asked questions; the first from Tanya, one of our listeners. I get a lot of questions specifically about this. If you listen regularly to the podcast I'm sure you've noticed that I make occasional references to my video training series but I don't often talk about the details. I think the explanation of the video series will help you understand my approach and method to step-by-step training for your dog. 

Next I respond to Julie, who asks about a specific type of training regarding dogs walking alongside you while you bike! So I'll take the opportunity to discuss this in depth as well. 

Video Training Series

This is a 12-part series designed to slowly progress in difficulty so that you can become accustomed to these methods with your dog so you both learn the fundamentals together.

I go through this process with six different people and different kinds of dogs. Some of the benefits of this for use of the videos is;

  1. Using dogs of different sizes
  2. With different age levels
  3. Their owners have different levels of experience and training

I will talk about how this and other lessons fit into the video training course that I offer on my site at I feature different lessons and a sort of 'competency check' at the end of each to give you a chance to determine what your dog has learned through each.


  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Revisiting Sit
  • Walking Behind
  • Controlled Walking, kind of a "heel" type instruction
  • "Stay" command
  • "Come" command
  • Meeting people
  • Temporary boundaries
  • Permanent boundaries
  • "Down" command
  • "Leave It"
  • Approaching dogs

Of course there are some bonus sections that teach a few different lessons for dogs based on age, and some other factors. On my website I talk about what the course is and isn't, and answer some of the common questions you may have as well. Visit the training course page here if you want to learn more.

Teach Your Dog to Walk Along While You Ride a Bike

This particular technique is important for many reasons and it seems fairly straightforward; but safety is a key component. I love the idea of doing this because it's great for getting your dog some quick exercise!

I'll talk about three categories of the process;

  • Competency - we'll establish what your dog is ready for;
  • Setup - training protocol to establish rules (like a "heel" type training);
  • Some lessons learned (from my first-hand experience) about what not to do.

And thanks again to our sponsor, P.U.P. Dog Rescue.

This week's rescue dog is 'Stella'. I got a chance to hang out with her, and she's a young, 4 month old German Shepard (I believe maybe a mix). Absolutely adorable! If you'd like more, click here. Or for more information about P.U.P. Dog Rescue visit their site.

Thanks for listening!