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Oct 23, 2019

Today's interview was with David Blank, owner of Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours. David is the contact you need to know if you like travel and taking your dogs along!


David started as a tour guide and found tremendous happiness with travel and tourism and eventually realized that incorporating the travelers' dogs in their adventures was an incredibly enriching experience. He talks about his adopted dog Max, who was close to being euthanized, became the spark for the 20,000 mile journey that would ensue. 

The discovery of calm and connection to the dogs takes a bit of learning, but owners find that it gives their dog a sense of relaxation and confidence that they never had before. 


I talk about some of the basic steps that David requires for the dog to get started, such as;

  • Obeying sit, stay, type commands
  • Ability to be calm in a dog-friendly restaurant environment
  • Not aggressive towards other animals or humans
  • They need to be able to physically perform in these environments (on more strenuous hikes)
  • Comfort level with the outdoors and other dogs

We talk about some day tours as well, so if you or your dog are not ready for the long adventure you can explore some of the wine country in Northern California, or southwest trips, and many more. David was a fun interview and is a great inspiration for those wanting to find a deeper connection with their dog. We'll talk about David's favorite spots to go on adventures.

You can visit their website at

You can call them at 262-6-CANINE  (262-622-6463)

On Instagram at @happytailstours or on Facebook here.

Today's Email Question

Today's question was about the training course and how the process steps up, what ages the dogs need to be for which steps, etc. Michelle asked a great question and something that needs to be addressed for anyone interested in the course. 

Thank you P.U.P. Dog Rescue!

Thanks to our sponsor P.U.P. Dog rescue as well - today's rescue is Moana! She's a 5 month old, white scruffy 6 pound terrier mix. Adorable, and will likely be somewhere around 15-22 pound range. She's housebroken and energetic. You can get more information about her here, or just visit for more on how they work.