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Mar 15, 2021

Dr. Lori Cesario is a leader in the field of veterinary oncology. We've spoken before, but you won't want to miss this follow up interview. It's packed full of useful tools - case studies for specific breeds, where to find the best solutions and preventative steps you can take to keep your dog's risk of getting cancer low.

Lori talks about steps to take to gain a better understanding of some of the characteristics - where we live, how our dog compares in size to their breed, when and whether they were spayed or neutered. 

Dr. Cesario talks about the best ways to verify the claims made online - she talks about, a database for studies published in veterinary and human medicine.


The resource page she mentioned about breeds in the episode is located here.

To visit Dr. Cesario's website, visit or click here.

Her podcast can be found on multiple platforms. To find it on your favorite platform click here.