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Oct 15, 2021

On this episode, I sit down with Brad Bevill, who is an incredibly talented dog behavior expert. Brad's focus for dogs is teaching them to be in a follower mindset and balanced emotionally. Brad's focus for people is teaching them to be fair, and consistent leaders for their dogs, and to teach them how to fulfill their dog's lives more profoundly. Brad and I talk about how he discovered this passion of his, how he transitioned from the corporate world, and what his mission has been since 2013.

Brad owns and operates Bevill Dog Behavior with his wife in Dallas, Texas, and operates multiple locations in the area.

Brad's focus is on a broader approach to training, and one of his priorities is to help owners find a true connection with their dogs. Their mission is to educate humans, train dogs, and rebuild relationships.

Brad's company can be found on the following platforms;