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Jul 1, 2019

A Great Discussion with Bennie Copeland, author of Family Dog Fusion

Bennie Copeland and I had a great discussion! If you remember Bennie Copeland from Episode 61, you're going to love our continued conversation. Bennie is a trainer in the Nashville area, and recently published a book, Family Dog Fusion. It's full of insights and tips on how best to teach, train, love and build an amazing bond that you may not have thought possible. It's got some great step-by-step tools about behaviors, patience, and talks about what your dog wants based on certain behaviors. I'd love if you'd consider taking a look at the book on Amazon.

Some of the things we cover;

  • "Balanced" techniques with dog training
  • How others using correction as a method
  • The varying opinions by different trainers, and how you can sort through what's right or wrong for your pet
  • An interesting example of obeying the "down" command
  • The decision to reward a dog for behaviors as they become instinctive.
We also talk about people's opinions about other high profile trainers' techniques (like Cesar Millan), and how best to interpret all of those outside opinions. For more of The Dog's Way podcast follow us on Twitter @TheDogsWay, Subscribe on Facebook, and listen to all of our episodes on our website,

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