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Sep 10, 2020

In this episode I speak to Dr. Lori Cesario, a board certified veterinary oncologist. We discuss her passion about being a vet as a child, and her appreciation for the role a certain oncologist in her life played that influenced her decision to specialize in that field.

Lori talks about some early detection techniques, and what owners can do to find problems before they become serious.

There are dozens of possible manifestations that could be symptoms of cancerous cells. 

Lori also talks about some newer testing procedures, like BRAF gene mutation tests that can be good check up tests that can be done every six months. She also discusses some interesting upcoming tests coming to the marketplace.

We discuss specific breed related risks, learning about the normal baseline for your dog's health, and her new podcast called,
Your Dog Wants You To Know This! (iTunes | Spotify | Google Podcasts)

Dr. Cesario's website is loaded with content and is a helpful resource for pet owners. Visit her site at