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Aug 23, 2019

In today's episode I will follow up on one of the many responses I received regarding my Skinner's Four Quadrants episodes 73 and 74 that I received. The concepts and methods that dog trainers use is varied, with peoples' passion for dogs it stands to reason that it would bring out a lot of passionate responses to my use of certain parts of all 4 of Skinner's 4 quadrants. A listener, Vicki wrote in.

I'll jump in by starting with Vicki's email:

I listened to your podcast on Skinner's Four Quadrants, and while you did an adequate job of summarizing some of the conditioning history, I think you're operating on some outdated information. Judging from some of your other materials you seem to be still laboring under the false assumption that dogs are pack animals. Perhaps you would like to expand and update your understanding of the current research in the literature of dog behavior and psychology. I've attached an article that summarizes the current modern understanding of domestic dogs' social behavior.   - Vicki

Vicki attached an article on the VCA Hospitals website that I've added here.

Check out Farley!And thanks to PUP Dog Rescue for their support. Today's puppy of the week is "Farley", a 62 pound "senior" (he's about eight years old) He's listed as a German Shepherd mix, but he's got sort of a quintessential mutt look. He's very relaxed and laid back temperament and his current foster family speaks very highly of him. I describe a bit more about his personality in the podcast, and you can also click here to see him and inquire!

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