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Jul 22, 2019

This is a continuation of my talk about Skinner's Four Quadrants. If you're reading this and haven't heard the previous show (episode 73), I'd strongly suggest going back to listen to that first. It will give some context to my deeper dive into what the concepts mean.

We'll talk in this episode about the broader argument of the "purely positive" trainers, why I use a mix of all four, and why.

Positive-Only" or "Positive-Focused" trainers vs. "Balanced" trainers

I'll talk about the critical importance between the theoretical application of these principals when studied in a classroom and the "real world" application of those principals. It is an important distinction to make when deciding how you will apply the same thinking to your pet.

The considerations for keeping correction in the mix is that it is sometimes dependent on the temperament of the dog - they are all different and have different tendencies. I'll give some examples. Additionally, I'll give some instances where the positive only concept can kind of backfire. I'll talk about the default rule and how it applies in this situation.

The keys to these applications is that it is heavily dependent on the type of situation you are facing.

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