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Aug 25, 2021

This new book by Michael Wombacher is an incredibly illustrated and interesting book that I felt warranted another conversation! Michael's book has just been released and we sat down to discuss it.

Making a photo rich book that used the images as so much of the story was something he really wanted to do, but he talks about the intense challenges that come with it! It was over two and a half years in the making and has just been released.

We go in depth about what "integrated dog training" means, and how it covers obedience training (not necessarily puppies).

The book is available on Amazon by clicking here, or you can go to this cool Indie Bookstore Finder for an independent bookstore in your area.

Sean and Michael talk about the book and the balanced method of training contained within. Michael also talks about different methods for the same command. This accounts for dogs of different breeds and sizes, etc.

We talk about training equipment and the pros and cons as well as how to use it all.

It's an incredible interview and body of work. It's absolutely worth checking out both!