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Nov 16, 2022

In this episode I'll cover some training goals to teach a dog to stop doing something. Barking is one of the key areas of focus, as well as a discussion on "counter conditioning".

Some may ask if they should do the "lab oriented" counter conditioning or another technique. My approach involves assessing where your dog is on a spectrum, and I'll explain the range. It can also be useful to determine for other areas of training. Some may be driven by a defensive approach, a territorial approach, etc., and I'll talk about some of the areas to be careful about when trying to decide whether to put training methods in place. I'll also talk about the shy, scared side of the spectrum that has other challenges and training methods that should be applied.

I will talk about using behavioral adjustment training or counter conditioning when it comes to these techniques as well. Imagine that scenario that causes the dog to bark and you provide some food to distract or adjust the behavior. You'll see them enjoy it in the moment. But what was the treat's connection to the behavior from the dog's perspective? Did you train them for next time, or did you distract them in the moment? Treat training isn't a bad thing but it is important to understand the differences and apply the right methods with this approach.



I also clarify some confusion regarding episode 112 regarding a comment I made regarding shelter dogs.