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Dec 27, 2022

Session 113 covered some training goals to teach a dog to stop certain behaviors, specifically barking and "counter conditioning". 

I was surprised to find that Session 113 brought on a record amount of feedback! I got a lot of positive response, but some criticism as well. In this episode I respond to some of that, including a letter from someone who suggested that they were a trainer, and took issue with some of the content in session 113.

I wasn't sure where in the show they heard it, but one part in particular was regarding Patricia McConnell's teaching about counter conditioning, and that somewhere I suggested that they shouldn't use her method. It turns out that I didn't suggest that. I addressed that they had been coached to try that and it didn't work. 

Most of this advice is based on a few things; where in the training their dog is, their age, what approaches have been tried in the past and which have not. In some instances a tried and true approach doesn't work, and alternative methods should be applied. 

I'll review it from a psychological approach and explain the intent and hopefully clear up some confusion on the subject.

I wanted to talk about another category of feedback I received that was that they tried it but had mixed results. This is what real training looks like in the execution stage. There are techniques and shifts in the approach with every type of dog and behavior. Trina was one of the people who responded and said that using the "tug upward" method to give negative feedback for barking. I asked her a few follow up questions to get a better sense of what she needed to eliminate confusion for her dog.