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Sep 15, 2019

In today's episode, and after a few recording attempts, I sit down with Angie Burlingame, owner of A Dog's Life Training School. Angie's a trainer that uses a a board-and-train style method, and offers 2 and 3-week programs. She's based in my neck of the woods (Woodinville, Washington) and we talk in detail about what a typical session would look like for those interested in this type of method for training your dog. Angie and I have known each other for a long time, but this was the first time speaking together in person.

In This Episode

I go in detail, starting with how a boarding type training session begins. We talk about her initial analysis and what initial evaluation steps are important to her. She has a very positive-minded style and technique, and is extremely conscientious about her approach to dogs.

Some of the fun stuff we talk about are;

  • How Angie got started (we have a similar story about our sort of "pre-dog training" corporate lives)
  • What led her into the field of dog training
  • Some of the important keys for her to analyze how a dog behaves on first approach
  • What she thinks of training with treats
  • What kind of criteria leads her to use a 3-week training approach
  • We'll talk a bit about thoughts on "pack" training
  • How a "boarding" style of training differs and what is involved in the process

Angie's website is and you can find her on Facebook by clicking here. Angie has some really great videos online as well. Check them out on Facebook or directly on her homepage.

Thanks again as always for your feedback and comments. You can now download our episodes using our Dog's Way Podcast App! Just go to the Android Play or Apple App Store to download it now.